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Painting Hope is doing just that in public and private schools and universities. Through a live art performance and speaking, Eric Samuel Timm delivers relevant messages to students that captures their attention in a way that they embrace far after the assembly is over.

Eric has a sought after ability to tailor his message to address the community’s or school’s specific challenges. Messages are focused on character development, including: bullying, integrity, respect, transparency, healthy choices, responsibility, citizenship, trustworthiness, and adversity.

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Across the country, Painting Hope’s Eric Samuel Timm is captivating business audiences through a live art performance centered on a corporate theme, current initiative or your corporate identity.

From small-format presentations to sports arenas, Eric’spresentation can help drive your team to the next level. His uncanny methods are almost instantly contagious and for more impact just give him the microphone.

The Live Art Presentations and Spoken Messages are cutting-edge, simple and profoundly challenging. This will make a lasting impression on your business culture!

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Partnership within community based programs for artistic mentorship and encouragement of children, teenagers and young adults who are enrolled in such programs.

Painting hope serves but not limited to Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, United Way and other national and local mentorship programs. Families are strengthened through our value based interactions in these challenging environments.

Programs in mentorship, in healthy artistic expression, choices and creative techniques positioning art as a outlet for healthy expression forthose enrolled in such programs.

Your community deserves the best, bring Eric in.

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 Utilizing “on location” live performances,Painting Hope serves international, national, and local organizations for disaster relief efforts.

Whether it’s an event, benefit, dinner, or concert, Eric Samuel Timm will unify on lookers and relief workers through his art and message. Eric is specifically gifted at motivating an audience to respond in various ways but specifically giving toward a common cause or goal.

In addition, Eric will work with your team to use his artwork for auctions and fundraising, helping to garner additional exposure for your cause.

Unify your community with Painting Hope.

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Thank you for taking time to consider the possibility of allowing me to come and speak and paint for your community’s greatest asset—your students.

Painting Hope has a passion for making a positive, lasting impression in the lives of young people across the country—and ultimately, the world.

It would be an honor to partner with you. I often share with students, “It is not a measure of how things begin, but how we choose to finish them.” Today, we have a chance to help students finish strong, no matter what has led them to this point. Their past does not determine their future; there is still time to make a difference!

Together we can do it. On Your Team,


Eric Samuel Timm


Recommendations for Eric Samuel Timm

“It is very inspiring; holds students attention and is appropriate material.”

– Diane Cordes, Director, Minnewaska Day Treatment

“The presentation was thought provoking and students were on the edge of their seats.”

– Robert Brakke, Assistant Principal, Discovery Middle School

“Was one of the best School Speakers we have hosted.”

– Dan Hein-Activities Director Wausau West High School

“Students were attentive and focused. They appeared to enjoy and relate to the message. I heard only positive comments from students.”

– Richard Schneider, Principal, Blue Earth Area High School

“This message is exactly what our students needed to hear in this fast-paced, instant gratification, cyber world they live in.”

– Amy Sack, Assistant Principal, Jefferson High School