Corporate Programs


Name of Corporate Program

Empowerment of Student transparency and Teachers

Most students have enjoyable stories to tell. Some have a painful history and the story that goes with it. Some have made their own poor choices and reaped the consequences. Still others find themselves in circumstances beyond their control. All students need someone to listen, bring balance and help each one find their way out of adolescents. Eric will challenge your faculty in the area of listening and students in the area of being bold enough to tell their story. This program is designed to help your school avoid difficult situations before they occur.”

“Eric had a positive affect on our students. All students were attentive and engaged. Immediately that day, we had students speaking up and advocating for themselves as Eric encouraged them to do during the program”

– Roger Francis, Principal Pocahontas Area High School

The Skinny on our Corporate Programs

Eric Samuel Timm started out at Best Buy making eight bucks an hour only to end his career with that great company as GM. This happened with an amazing staff, the help of others and culture that was contagious. This history gives Eric enough experience to understand where your company is at and more importantly where it could go.


The Art of LIFE

Everyone can create, and everyone is creative. It might not all look the same or be the same, that’s a beautiful thing. Let your companies diversity shine brighter while each person finds more comfort in their own voice in the symphony of your business. This next one is called: CREATE to UNITE.


One degree

Small changes make the biggest difference. If water at one degree makes the smallest change but turns to steam that power a locomotive how much can the little things change the force of your business. Dream big but make small changes to that big dream so CREATE SMALL to DREAM BIG.


Create or DIE

Time is a force that we cannot escape. It chases us all. Each day people encounter the same clock yet there is a paradox that one can easily see. Why do some get more done under pressure and some crumble. There is a connection to it all because its all CREATE or DIE.


Recommendations for Eric Samuel Timm

“It is very inspiring; holds students attention and is appropriate material.”

– Diane Cordes, Director, Minnewaska Day Treatment

“The presentation was thought provoking and students were on the edge of their seats.”

– Robert Brakke, Assistant Principal, Discovery Middle School

“Was one of the best School Speakers we have hosted.”

– Dan Hein-Activities Director Wausau West High School

“Students were attentive and focused. They appeared to enjoy and relate to the message. I heard only positive comments from students.”

– Richard Schneider, Principal, Blue Earth Area High School

“This message is exactly what our students needed to hear in this fast-paced, instant gratification, cyber world they live in.”

– Amy Sack, Assistant Principal, Jefferson High School