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Eric has a LIMITED number of available dates each year and usually is scheduled ONE to TWO years in advance. Please fill out this request form above even if your desired date is listed and reserved or you currently do not have a scheduled date. Occasionally there is a cancellation that opens a spot in Eric’s schedule and/or a request geographically/logistically near you that may work with your schedule.

**Not all current held or reserved dates may be listed. Some of our greatest opportunities never happened because we didn’t know about them.


$350 buys a roll of canvas

$2000 sponsors an assembly program

$100 fills up the van with gas

#30 buys a painting

If you’d like to mail a donation, please make checks payable to:
Painting Hope
PO BOX 263
Byron, MN 55920

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Eric’s impact has been felt around the globe.

Just ask one of the thousands of organizations that have worked with him.
References available in resources.

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